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A little about Weddings at Pentre Mawr

You lucky people, well of course you are, because you’ve found the perfect person now find the perfect place.

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You’re going to look at lots of places and so you should, that’s the best way to be sure that you’ve found the right place.We’re all looking for something different. So what have we got that the others haven’t. A beautiful house? Lovely gardens? Great places to take photos? A fabulous marquee with romantic linings?Hey but haven’t they all?? Okay so what do You want? I know what I’d want if I were you………..all of the above but most of all control. So often when you go to wedding venues you get a list of don’ts. That’s the one thing we’re trying to avoid here. So you want a brass band……….go ahead blow your own trumpet! You want quiet and intimate, that’s fine too. You want to do your own wedding catering, of course you can. Bring your own wine, you can too.A Beautiful bride leaving the walled garden

Okay so it’s not quite as easy as that, we kind of want to be around in a few years too, so there is some little catches. You and your friends and family will have to stay in our beautiful suites, safari lodges and rooms all with either huge spa baths or hot tubs. Imagine telling your friends you’re spending your wedding night in a genuine African Safari lodge with a hot tub………..okay…… tell them they can too! We all know there’s no such thing as a free lunch and we know you want the perfect wedding so come and talk to us. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to make your dreams come true.We don’t have wedding packages… we have ideas! Interested? Call Bre for a chat and a cuppa!!! 01824 790732

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