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Reservations and Check in.

As all our rooms are different we only offer a limited online booking service which doesn’t include special offers so we promise that if you email a real person will get back to you within a few hours or phone 01824 790732  and we’re here to take your call at anytime.  Please note check in is after 3.30pm unless arranged in advance in order to give us time to change hot tubs and make the house beautiful for you.  Hot tub suites and Canvas lodges are let for a minimum two nights  as as we have to empty the hot tub after each use and it’s not economical to let them for one night only. Really sorry but we don’t accept children under 12.  For single occupancy rates, please phone for a quote.

Cancellation Policy

£100 per room, non refundable deposit is needed at the time of booking. Like so many small businesses who build up lovely relations with their customers, over the years we’ve tried to be as fair as possible over cancellations and so long as we can re book the accommodation we will hold deposits against another booking. We really want to meet you all and have you come and enjoy Pentre Mawr at some time in the future. We have only six safari lodges, two hot tub suites and three superior rooms so we’re a very small country house with a very large mortgage. We truly do not want to wind customers up but if you cancel with less 72 hours the full amount will be charged for the booking unless we can relet it. We organise our staff and order our food etc according to our bookings and cannot reuse wasted food or not give staff the promised hours as they have their bills to pay too. In the age of recession we have had people cancel last minute and we great regret and now have had to enforce this policy. Travel insurance is very cheap and many people have it included in their credit cards. We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance against the possibility that you have to cancel. If more than 72 hours is given we will be delighted to hold the deposit against another booking as we believe that we have some chance of reletting the room or at least not wasting food and heating hot tubs etc. We are happy to accept credit cards and even real pennies.


Because of the outdoor pool and old chapel and dairy which while grade 2 listed are quite dangerous, we have been advised that it’s not a great place to have children so we only accept children over 12 on. On wedding weekends children of all ages are welcome so long as parents are aware out areas out of bounds for their children’s safety.


Pets are most welcome in the house and gardens (approx. three acres) but will need to be on leads if walking the farm land particularly where there are farm animals.


We hate rules and just want to make everyone welcome but unfortunately as is always the case a small minority of people have made it necessary to insist that because of the risk of fire and environmental health issues etc under no circumstances can we allow any cooking of any kind anywhere on Pentre Mawr land, with regret anyone breaking this rule will be asked to leave and will still be charged for any outstanding nights of the their stay. Unfortunately we have had guests who have brought BBQ’s etc. Should there be a fire in a canvas lodge it is possible that there could be serious injury to either our guests or staff and as the lodges are made in South Africa the loss of one would seriously compromise our business. All the suites and  3 lodges have fridges, microwaves and toaster and we’re very happy for our guests to bring snacks , drinks etc for use in their lodge or suite but again not in any of the public areas of the grounds or house.

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy we are committed to helping the environment in the way we run our business and how we encourage our customers to be aware of environmental issues within both our business and the surrounding area. We are committed to reducing pollution where possible and to recycle as much as is possible. We are aware that businesses such as ours have an impact on the environment; an influx of visitor to the area, consumption of fuel, energy and water, the production of waste.

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