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Wedding Fayres & Why We Don’t Do Them

Why don’t we do the wedding fayres?

While we love doing weddings, the simple answer is, they’re just not  for us.   We became a wedding venue by accident when we held a friends wedding.  Once the enquiries started to come in we thought we’d better see what was expected of us as wedding venue and held two wedding fayres. We went to a few ourselves to see what we were meant to do.  We just didn’t feel welcomed. It wasn’t that the venue’s staff were unfriendly, it was just that there was so many people there that they couldn’t get around everyone and that’s exactly what happened at our fayres. I felt like it was a heavy sell with different vendors trying to vie for your business.  I just hate the heavy sell.

So what do we do?

We send you a brochure, so you know a bit about us before you come.  We than ask you to visit.   The worse that will happen is that you’ll have a nice cup of coffee and cake and maybe pick up some ideas even if you don’t have your wedding here. The main thing I love about our weddings here, is that our couples can do whatever they want so long as it’s legal and it can physically be done of course.  I truly believe that you need to visit lots of venues so you find exactly what you want for the most important day of your lives.

We’ve learnt a lot in the last four years since we started holding weddings. I hate the hidden extras. I hate the list of rules; two things we seriously try to avoid here.

Lorna, our new wedding coordinator told me as she was leaving the other day that she just loves her job.   Music to my ears!!  I asked her why and her answer was simple, we meet lovely couples, who are planning their fabulous wedding day at the happiest time of their lives.   What’s not to love!!!

Pentre Mawr is one of the hardest places to quantify.

Without any arrogance on our behalf, there’s just a lot to it.  So, and I know our bridal couples hate it, we don’t give out prices. You have to come and visit. So many people tell us our website doesn’t do it justice but we kind of like it that way.   We love the look of surprise when our couples see the secret garden and walk into the dance barn with it’s mezzanine.   I’m at my happiest spending time buying things for our Pinterest room so that our couples can have it all. From the candy cart to the photo wall we try to have everything that our couples might need absolutely free of charge.

If your planning a wedding you’ll know by now that there’s no such thing as a cheap wedding but, and it’s a big BUT, you can truly have it all here at Pentre Mawr.

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Meet Lorna, our new Wedding Coordinator

Hello to our lovely bridal couples,

My name is Lorna and I am the new wedding coordinator here at Pentre Mawr. I am absolutely loving my new job so far and can’t wait to meet you all! Whether you are already one of our beautiful brides to be or planning a visit to check us out, I thought I would share with you all some advice.

I know there is so much to plan and organise when it comes to a wedding
I remember from planning my own! So I’ve put together a small list of worries you may have and the best advice I could give to calm those nerves.

Let’s start with the weather
It is the one thing you cannot do anything about. So, I say stop worrying. As lovely as the sunshine may be, some of the best photos are taken in the rain or snow. Plus, here at Pentre Mawr, a little rain never hurt anyone. In fact, we have a wide selection of umbrellas in our wedding store and we always have a plan A, B and C for the weather. After all this is Wales.
Moving on to children
That’s right I’m going to talk about those beautiful little beings that nobody wants screaming at a wedding. Well rest assured there is so much space here that they can run around safely and burn off any excess energy. So if you are worrying about children, stop. I have to say from experience, quite often they make a wedding, with the fun, quirky things that they do. And it is one of Bre’s favourite sayings ‘If you haven’t had one, you’ve been one.’ So if you are a bride or a mum worrying about the little darlings, just relax as we all love them!                                                                                                                                                              
I remember at my wedding, which was here at Pentre Mawr, worrying about the best men and all the drinks they planned on having before the wedding and throughout the day. I had many stern words in the lead up to the day, but on the day they were fine.  And now I’m the other side I can see why. Bre & Graham make sure everyone up here is full of food before the time to say ‘I Do’ comes. And as much as we will make sure you have plenty of fizz, it will be just the right amount.


Now for the joys of family dynamics and table plans. It’s so difficult to make everyone happy, and sometimes I think as the bride and groom it’s easy to forget there are only two people that this whole day is about and that’s YOU! So stop trying to organise everyone else’s issues and focus on your big day. I mean, there’s enough space up here not to worry. If you really are worried though as much as we keep out of family politics, it is our job to make sure you have the best day imaginable and so have a word with us, we will keep an eye on things. 

Risk management

Every wedding day has a mini crisis, that’s just life. At mine, it was my cake falling over. (And I have to say between Bre and my caterer the crisis was managed fantastically. But I know Bre would never admit how well she hid it from me until it was sorted). So I can definitely vouch for the fact that no crisis will fall on you. I know that Bre has sewn a bride into her wedding dress before. So nothing is out of the question, and everything can and will be sorted. All I will say is don’t worry about it, your day will be perfect and any little things will become the fun stories you tell at a later date.


Finally, dancing and the first dance. For so many people the first dance can be a little daunting, others love it and seriously throw some shapes. No matter what you are planning for your first dance, my advice would be to have the bridesmaids and best men ready in the wings. So if you are cringing inside and are ready for some company on the dance floor, that’s their queue to join you. Plus, having the dance floor full by the end of your first dance means that everyone is already on there to keep partying the night through. 

Don’t worry. Be happy

My final piece of advice is stop worrying and start enjoying! The big day will come around so quickly! The hardest part should be trying to put all of your creative ideas into the big day. But again, don’t worry too much as there is so much scope up here there is room for lots of creativity.

Lorna xx
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