How to make each of your guests feel included in your wedding day!

Whether you have a particularly large family, or you don’t fancy the idea of lots of bridesmaids or groomsmen, it can be difficult to ensure each one of your guests feels included in your wedding day. There are so many people to say hi to that you may not be able to spend as much time chatting to everyone as you’d like. Over the years, we’ve seen some great ideas that couples have come up with so that their wedding day incorporates everyone in some way or another. Some may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how a little task for each of your guests can make them feel they have helped shape the day. Have a read below for our top tips. 

Making and leaving out biodegradable confetti!

Recently, we shared a Facebook post about the importance of using biodegradable confetti, for example, by using seasonal leaves. Use the opportunity to make your own confetti with those who don’t have an ‘official’ role in your wedding. Maybe you would like to throw a Wedding Prep-Party, where your wider group of friends can have a laugh, drink and help you with confetti making! Place your biodegradable confetti in some organza bags (you’ll find cheap ones on eBay!) and give to your wedding guests. A simple idea but really effective!

Song Requests

Lots of bridal couples are now ditching the DJs and using their own playlists to ensure their guests dance the night away. We love this idea! But make sure you’re not creating more work for yourself. We recommend allocating one of your guests with a great taste in party music to be in charge of taking on-the-night song requests. Also, you could either email your wedding guests – or ask them on your invitation – to send you one song request per person attending. That way, no one will have an excuse for not getting up and bustin’ some moves, and it reminds each guest that you appreciate their input in the day, even if only for 3 minutes. 


Once the important speeches are out of the way, and you’re looking for a bit of post-dinner entertainment, mini-speeches are the way to go. Get one person on each table to read out a pre-written speech. They may be in on the idea, or you could spring it on them on the day by placing a note on their table-setting. The speech could be anything, an inside joke, funny stories, witty poems. It helps to keep everyone included and engaged (even those seated far away from you!)

The Great Wedding Bake-Off

Who needs one cake when you can have many? Ask your guests to put on their pinnies and get baking before the wedding! You can display your multiple wedding cakes and have guests vote on whose is the Number One Wedding Cake. Take the pressure off of finding the perfect wedding cake, and make it an inclusive activity and healthy competition for your nearest and dearest. 

A Wedding Hashtag

Your favourite photo from your wedding day may not be from your photographer. It may be that one from your distant cousin, taken at the perfect moment. In which case, you’d want to see it! Create your own wedding hashtag so that all of your Instagram and Facebook pics can be found in one place. Or, just use ours! Add #PentreWeddings to your social media photos taken at any of our weddings, we absolutely love to see how much fun you’ve had here. 

Marshmallows around the Fire Pit!

Did you know that our courtyard boasts a gorgeous Fire Pit, perfect for keeping warm when taking a break from the dancing, and roasting some marshmallows at the end of the night. It also makes for a great place for your guests to gather and catch up. Not only does it create some lovely photographs, it’s a lot of fun for everyone to enjoy together.

We hope you’ve enjoyed some of these tips for making all of your guests feel included in your Big Day. Let us know if you are planning to use any or can think of anything that we’ve missed!

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