The BBC Says…


This morning on the BBC news they were discussing the cost of weddings.   I was astounded to hear that the average price of a wedding these days is £30k. The main point wasn’t just the wedding venue and hospitality or even the wedding dress!!!! It was the cost of all the extras. It’s been something we’ve been very aware of since we started doing weddings. All our couples want to have an individual wedding day totally different to their friends. Trends are changing all the time and it’s difficult to keep up with the next big things, but we’re having a good go here. The general discussion was that the effort to make your day individual is what causes so much stress. The last thing the preparation for your wedding day should be is stressful.

Planning Your Wedding Should Be Fun!

So the recommendation on the TV this morning was to have a wedding planner and venue dresser to take away some of that stress. Forgive me for saying this but I’m not sure that’s the way to go. I loved choosing all the bits for our wedding day, it was half the fun and excitement running up to the day. Now that we’re a Wedding Venue I’m having all that fun again, choosing things for our Pinterest room that I hope our couples will love!!

There’s always so much excitement here.

 When our couples arrive with their gang in hand to decorate the marquees and barns. We love the laughter and giggles as they root around in my wedding store for the stuff they need, (Need? that’s maybe not the right word!!!) but the bits they want to make their day as individual as possible. So the plan here is to take the stress away, add to the fun and cut the dreaded costs down, maybe just a little bit.

So picture this at your wedding venue,

  Two days before your wedding, Lorna, our wedding planner? wedding coordinator? right hand man? or if we’re being PC, right hand person? is on hand with the Bucks Fizz and the camera. Our couples arrive with their entourage. Lorna takes lots of photos while our grooms and their ushers are up ladders putting up the bunting or lanterns. Candy carts and photos walls are moved into position. As the day goes on if anything’s missed, they can usually find a suitable replacement in the Pinterest room. But the main thing is that at the end of that day, everything’s done at no extra cost or stress.

Stress, what stress?

Over the last four years since we’ve been holding weddings here I have three pieces of advice that I would give to every couple.  Firstly, visit as many venues as possible, you’ll get lots of ideas at all of them.  Always ask if there are any extras, vat and or service charges etc. Lastly, have a spread sheet, list everything you like on it.  You’d be surprised how the hidden extras add up.

Don’t Panic…

You can have the day of your dreams. Give Lorna a ring on 01824790732 or Bre on 07799887234, come have a wander around Pentre Mawr. Have a root around in our Pinterest room and if nothing else you’ll have a coffee and cake and maybe gets some ideas for your perfect wedding day.

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