Wedding Fayres & Why We Don’t Do Them

Why don’t we do the wedding fayres?

While we love doing weddings, the simple answer is, they’re just not  for us.   We became a wedding venue by accident when we held a friends wedding.  Once the enquiries started to come in we thought we’d better see what was expected of us as wedding venue and held two wedding fayres. We went to a few ourselves to see what we were meant to do.  We just didn’t feel welcomed. It wasn’t that the venue’s staff were unfriendly, it was just that there was so many people there that they couldn’t get around everyone and that’s exactly what happened at our fayres. I felt like it was a heavy sell with different vendors trying to vie for your business.  I just hate the heavy sell.

So what do we do?

We send you a brochure, so you know a bit about us before you come.  We than ask you to visit.   The worse that will happen is that you’ll have a nice cup of coffee and cake and maybe pick up some ideas even if you don’t have your wedding here. The main thing I love about our weddings here, is that our couples can do whatever they want so long as it’s legal and it can physically be done of course.  I truly believe that you need to visit lots of venues so you find exactly what you want for the most important day of your lives.

We’ve learnt a lot in the last four years since we started holding weddings. I hate the hidden extras. I hate the list of rules; two things we seriously try to avoid here.

Lorna, our new wedding coordinator told me as she was leaving the other day that she just loves her job.   Music to my ears!!  I asked her why and her answer was simple, we meet lovely couples, who are planning their fabulous wedding day at the happiest time of their lives.   What’s not to love!!!

Pentre Mawr is one of the hardest places to quantify.

Without any arrogance on our behalf, there’s just a lot to it.  So, and I know our bridal couples hate it, we don’t give out prices. You have to come and visit. So many people tell us our website doesn’t do it justice but we kind of like it that way.   We love the look of surprise when our couples see the secret garden and walk into the dance barn with it’s mezzanine.   I’m at my happiest spending time buying things for our Pinterest room so that our couples can have it all. From the candy cart to the photo wall we try to have everything that our couples might need absolutely free of charge.

If your planning a wedding you’ll know by now that there’s no such thing as a cheap wedding but, and it’s a big BUT, you can truly have it all here at Pentre Mawr.

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