Why Have A Winter Wedding?

We know you must think we’re mad for thinking about the winter now the sun has finally come out. But, we have lots of brides getting ready for their winter weddings and so we thought we’d share with you what makes a winter wedding so special.

Roll out the white carpet…

   If you’re lucky enough to get a dusting of snow, you with have the most perfect pictures imaginable. Can you imagine anything looking nicer than a white blanket to cover the place? In fact, winter is one of the only times of year to get married where you do have a weather guarantee. Ok, so not a 100% guarantee but there is one thing you can be sure of, it’s going to be cold. This is great! It means everybody knows exactly what to wear to make sure they are kept warm, trust me when I say the ladies will thank you for this.

A Seasonal Highlight…

    Having you’re wedding in winter, means it’s unlikely your guests will have been to a good wedding in a while and will be ready for a great day! Most people find it much easier to take time off work in winter, meaning everyone you want to, should be able to attend.

Winter weddings are so different, they brighten up dark days and really will leave your guests with a day to remember.

A Romantic Wedding With A Difference…

There is nothing more romantic than snuggling up to the one you love, and where better than you’re wedding day. You and your guests can all keep warm in our barns and as the evening draws in, everyone can get snug around the fire and toast marshmallows to their hearts content.  After all, what’s more romantic than a pint of beer and burnt lips?

Keeping it cosy….

Winter weddings make for the cosiest. Picture this, everyone arriving to your wedding in our beautiful red brick barn, watching you get married and then enjoying a warm mulled wine with the newly weds.

As your day draws in you can enjoy the rest of your wedding by candlelight. There is no other time of year you can truly have a candlelit wedding. For lots of couples this is their dream.


 Save The Heat For The Honeymoon…

Escaping winter after your wedding and catching some sun is lovely. In winter you’re avoiding hurricane season (in most places) so it widens your choices of where to go. There will be no children’s summer holidays to negotiate and everyone loves a winter tan!

Having the wedding of your dreams, in cosy barns (heated of course), with a candlelit dinner, an evening barn dance and toasty fire pits is exactly what you can have, here at Pentre Mawr.

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